A miracle to tell

Up to a certain man came to God and said: _Poxa! At church yesterday many people were witnesses, the neighbors are always telling blessing and I have a small miracle to tell! He continued: _Queria Have a story to tell, wanted to say that I was cured or that I won a precious or until I saw something extraordinary! God in heaven with a smile on his face said: _Meu Son also lives you great miracles. The man still annoyed questions God saying: _Quais Not see them! God then says: _Bem We think the solution! _Qual? The man asked. _Você Need to clean your eyes! Ah I'm serious! I pray, do good, seek to be honest and have people who do nothing and has more miracles than I do. And the Lord is making a joke! _Não Joke! God said. He continued: At that time thousands of people seek me and I'm talking to you. In the morning you saw something extraordinary the rising sun, and believe there are people who wanted to see it and can not. You have not passed the pains and sorrows of a disease and calls it? Also says that it has a precious asset. My son you have the greatest good that someone can receive: Life! So I say the problem is not in not having to count miracles and have a look of faith to see. I wrote this text so that when someone or myself read, we will be awake to be thankful for everything God does for us. A great day!!

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