A miracle at dawn!

This title is beautiful! (Rsrsrs) Usually the title is the last thing at the time of writing, whether texts or music, however, today was the first I did. Rain falling outside watering the earth middle gray one days, however, tremendously special to you and me. We are alive! When we open our eyes in the morning we had the privilege to participate in the miracle of life that with God's mercies are renewed every morning. No matter how dawn, have a chance to change the situation, we have the opportunity to live. Even if the sadness or disappointment, knock on your door have a chance to win it all and follow live! One day while he was working as a radio, my dear colleague Alan Smith asked me: What a blessing today? I was "half way clay brick" (do not ask me where I got it rsrsrssr), finally took a deep breath and give a sudden my heart was filled with hope and said I woke up! Thereafter I began to awaken in the mornings and they fly or not believing in this new chance and would have one more day to change my life. And you can do that too, God's mercies are renewed every morning believe it! You were waking up and there was a great miracle happened, the doors of the second chance, second look at a problem from the second talk more calmly, were opening just come and have a great day. The miracle of life is for everyone who believes that living is already a big miracle! Stay with God!

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